Tour Detail

So you want come on the tour, but what is involved?


Penn Jillette explains about Opportunity Village, our chosen charity



One of our "gig" venues!


You will be in Las Vegas for 1 week.

The dates are: 22nd - 29th December 2018.

Arrival day Saturday 22nd December 2018 & Departure Day Saturday 29th December 2018

Rehearsal Day: Sunday 23rd December

First gig or tour: Sunday 23rd December

Last gig or tour: Friday 28th December



For everything that is included (see further down the page) the total charge will be a MAXIMUM of £1199 per player (one King bed) or £1999 for TWO (players or non players) in a Twin queen or one king bed room.

We will put hotel details up soon (we are in discussions with Hotels in Las Vegas, and looking for corporate sponsorship so these MAY be subsidised), so as soon as we know, we will let you know.


PAYMENT PLAN! We can offer a payment plan to everyone without extra charges, interest or fees.

For example:

ONE Tour Ticket: £200 Deposit then £84 per month (for 12 months)

TWO Tour Tickets: £400 Deposit then £134 per month (12 months) for TWO TICKETS.


PLEASE NOTE! It is possible (but not guaranteed) that some of the charge (for players only) may be subsidised. This means that the MAXIMUM charge for players is £1199. Sadly, there can be no subsidies for non playing guests.



Yes! If you wish to fundraise and link it to this website for information either through your network of friends or even crowdfunding that is no problem. BUT PLEASE inform us first. If you make over your target please consider donating the balance to the charity we are supporting or split it with the Las Vegas charity and your chosen charity in the UK.



For the musicians, they will have to be over 21 years of age due to licencing laws and casino rules where we are likely to be playing. Guests can be any age, but remember that people under the age of 21 (NOT 18 like the UK) cannot enter casinos or bars, or drink alcohol.



You are responsible for your own flights. There is plenty of time to book the flights or even a package holiday to Las Vegas. We have seen flights as low as £330 from London. Use Skyscanner and to compare.



Included in the price is a hotel room on the strip (which hotel will depend on sponsorship offers and fund raising efforts the hotel will be a minimum of 3 stars).

ALL Las Vegas hotels have a resort fee from approximately £17 per night at Circus Circus to £30 per night at the Bellagio. This is paid by you directly to the hotel and is a PER ROOM charge, not per person.



Please wait for details of the hotel deal that we have arranged before organising your own package deal. You may end up paying for something that we are including for free, or very much reduced! We will update this page as details become available.


Please feel free to book a package holiday from a travel agent or the internet - it is often cheaper than booking flight and hotel seperately. Remember the resort fee that is payable directly to the hotel.

Our base will be at Circus Circus or Excalibur (the cheaper options on the strip), but if you wish to stay at a different hotel (we recommend that you stay on the strip and not "downtown" or "just off the strip") then some great deals are available.

*Please note that for the trips, the pick up point will normally be Circus Circus or Excalibur so you may have to take a taxi to get there from a different hotel. Realistically, there is not another hotel within walking distance of Circus Circus.



A return transfer (Airport to Hotel + Hotel to Airport) is included in the price, but if you want something a little special, like a stretch limo, let us know and we will find out the best rates for this (it is not actually as expensive as you may think!).



Not as such. We will have shirts printed with your name / instrument on for playing in, with the standard black trousers / skirt (as you wish guys!). These are yours to keep as a momento. Smile nicely at Penn & Teller and they will sign the shirt too (please do this at the end of the tour!)

In the event of a prestigious event invitation that it is neccesary to "tart ourselves up" for, we will let you know so you can bring the standard white shirt / blouse!

The temperatures do drop in the evenings, so a dark fleece or jacket may be needed.



For those playing large instruments that would cost a fortune to carry on an aircraft from the UK, we can arrange a rental / loan instrument (Euphonium & Tuba). Other instruments can also be hired at a small cost. Please bring your own mouthpiece.



We will not just be playing as that is not a tour. We also have the following trips planned and included in the price of the tour:

  • The Grand Canyon West Rim & the Skywalk NOTE! Access onto the skywalk (glass bridge a mile above the Grand Canyon!) is not included in the price so if you want to take the skywalk you can buy tickets for this on arrival at the Grand Canyon.
  • The Hoover Dam
  • Stratosphere Tower and Thrill Rides
  • A Headliner Show (Elton John / Celine / Rod Stewart / Maria Carey /Britney Spears etc)
  • A special Sunday Brunch - maybe even unlimited champagne & lobster!
  • Penn & Teller Tickets + Meet and Greet afterwards
  • Blue Man Group Tickets
  • Fremont Street Experience (Old Vegas)
  • Bellagio Fountains
  • Mirage Volcano

As we are planning this over a year in advance, it is possible that some of these events may not be available. If this happens, a replacement will be organised, with no added costs to you.



In order to raise some additional money for the charity we are offering the band out to private individuals and companies by the hour. We could end up playing for a celebrity at their home, or at a family gathering, a wedding or at a business location - at this point in time we just don't know. Fair to say that we will almost certainly be playing at a couple of premier locations with a reasonable sized crowd. As bookings come in, we will create a page listing them (basic details only for privacy reasons).



We will be raising money for "Opportunity Village" in Las Vegas. CLICK HERE to visit their website. Safe to say, it is a great cause and very deserving of our donations, and we will be playing in their "Magical Forest" at least on one occassion. Click on the videos at the top of the page and let Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller show you why we have chosen them, and also take a look at one of our gig venues!



We are raising funds not only via playing but also by obtaining sponsorship for various aspects of the tour. People can donate as little as $5 to sponsor a beer, right up to the Grand Canyon Tour. The sponsorship we raise will go towards subsidising a small part of your costs (which we will offer back to you in Las Vegas - you are welcome to donate it to the charity if you wish) and the remainder goes to the charity. ALL proceeds from the collections and donations for playing go to the charity. Also, for example, if there is money left over after specific sponsored items (like the shirts) are purchased this will go into the donation pot.



We will provide you with 5 fabulous buffets, at 5 different top class hotels. Guests booked with us ALSO receive the buffets.

The rest of the time you are responsible for your own food and drink costs unless we, our bookers or our hosts provide it.



We will take you to a headline show in Las Vegas, where acts include Sir Elton John, Sir Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Britney Spears and many others. We don't know at this point in time which acts will be playing during our stay, but we will arrange tickets so we can go as a group - who knows, maybe with all the press coverage you may get to go backstage and meet them afterwards!

The Penn & Teller show tickets will be good tickets and you will get to meet, chat (yes, even Teller will speak with you!) and have photos taken with the duo after the show. Teller will even take a selfie with you on your phone!



There is way more to Las Vegas than just Gambling and drinking! Aside from the shows there are plenty of free or inexpensive things to do whilst you are there. Every evening, unless we are playing somewhere or on a trip, you are free to explore Las Vegas on your own. The "team" will be going to different places each night and you are free to join us, or do as you wish. If you want to see a specific show, talk to our team BEFORE you buy a ticket - we have experience of Vegas and we NEVER pay full price for tickets. At least once we will probably treat you all to a few drinks at one of the greatest party bars in Vegas!



There is already considerable interest from the media about our tour, so it is fairly certain that you will end up appearing on the TV in the USA and maybe internationally. We may also be asked to play in a studio setting, or for an outside broadcast, and individuals may be asked for a one-to-one interview on film or radio. Due to this, you must be happy to appear on TV, on the Radio and in the Newspapers whilst playing with the band and agree to sign a release to that effect if required by the media company. However, you do not have to agree to a one-to-one interview. That is entirely your decision.



You will definitely meet at least a couple of celebrities during your time in Vegas. You may even be playing at a celebrities home. Please remember that they are just people like us, and respect their privacy. If you would like a photo with them, please ask first especially if you are in their home.




You will need to get an ESTA / Visa waiver (CLICK HERE) before travel in order to enter the USA. These last for two years and are obtainable online. If you have one already check the expiry date, and remember that if you have replaced or renewed your passport since it was issued you WILL need to get a new one.

YOU DO NOT NEED a work permit. This means that any offer of a payment or fee for any private event, interview or similar must not be accepted - however a donation to the charity is acceptable.



The weather: It is the desert, so expect temperaures to be between 14 and 20 degrees (Centigrade) during the day and dropping to 1 to 10 degrees through the night. There is a slight possibility of rain in December.


The Grand Canyon will be cool / cold when we visit, so remember to bring some warm clothes for this!