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What is this "Bandless" Band tour then?

and other questons...

The idea for the "Bandless" band tour happened as we know that many brass players would LOVE to do an overseas tour, but let's be honest - it's hard enough getting the band together for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon in the local park, let alone travel halfway around the world for a couple of weeks!

Then there is the planning and organising... As a company, we already operate courses in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles / Hollywood so we have already spent a great deal of time and money visiting the areas, making contacts and organising venues and trips. The planning is 90% done already. The last 10% will be finished either during down time between courses or by the contacts and friends we already have in place in Las Vegas.


Add to that, playing for celebrities, Local and national TV & Radio and the general public along with the Las Vegas High Rollers that will donate money to the charity in return for us annoying their neighbours for an hour or two. This could be at a celebrity home, or just a family gathering. We are fairly sure that you will also get to play at the world famous Bellagio, and the Mirage Volcano (obviously not during the volcano shows!)

We could also play at a Las Vegas Wedding! In fact, we have arranged the donations so that anyone can "buy" us for an hour or two, in return for a bit of jingle for the charity.


We will be raising money for the amazing charity OPPORTUNITY VILLAGE (click here for their website)


In order not to cause too much havoc on the Las Vegas Strip, we have decided that logistically it is best to take a band of 8 to 10 musicians only. The following positions will be available:

Bb Cornet / Eb Cornet / Flugelhorn

Eb Tenor Horn

Euphonium (treble clef)

Baritone (treble clef)

Tenor Trombone (treble clef)

Bass Trombone (bass clef)

Eb or Bb Bass (treble clef)


What about bringing my non-playing wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/secretary?

Not a problem. The hotel rooms have either one "King Size" or two "Queen Sized" beds in them. There is no extra charge from us for the hotel room. Heck, you could even bring your child too... but why would you want to do that - THIS IS VEGAS BABY!

Same goes if two friends want to share a twin room, let us know at the reservation stage and we will adjust your bills accordingly. For a twin Queen bed room, a maximum of 4 adults can share, but there would be a small additional charge for the extra people.


Remember, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!


What about Flights?

You will organise and pay for your own flights - ***please read note 1 at the bottom!


What about a Hotel?

The price for a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is included in the price of this tour however, if you wish to upgrade to either 4-star Luxor or 5-Star Bellagio we can arrange that using our group rate. You can book your own hotel if you wish, or even a flight and hotel package through your travel agent or ask Mr. Google. Just let us know.

Please be aware that there are resort fees in almost all of the hotels in Las Vegas, which you will be responsible for paying at the hotel (per room not per person) - currently the lowest resort fee is at Circus Circus is around £17 per night rising to £27 for high end hotels like the Bellagio.


But I play the Eb Bass. It's too BIG for carry on, and I will probably need some clothes!

Yes, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring clothes, I am yet to meet a tuba player I want to see naked. Same goes for drummers...although there was that girl drummer in the North East...however, I digress. We should be able to arrange a loan Tuba in Vegas so there is no need to bring your own. Other instruments can also be obtained, but there may well be a small fee payable for this. But for the love of god, please bring clothes and your own mouthpiece!


So your company is making money from this then?

NO we are not! We are doing this solely for fun, and of course the benefit of our chosen charity (where any leftover cash, sponsorship and donations collected whilst playing will be going).


But what do you get out of it then?

Well, firstly we will be there anyway preparing for and overseeing a course, secondly I love Brass Bands (having played in several brass bands in the UK for over 30 years) and may even have a blow with the band - so it will be FUN. Thirdly, we get plenty of advertising locally, nationally and also in the UK and, last but definitely not least, we hope that some of you like the experience (and us) so much that you will book one of our courses or experiences in the future. Even if you don't book, we hope that you will write a review that we can publish to show just how much fun it was!

In addition to this, helping a local charity where we operate doesn't hurt our reputation and improves our standing within the local communities.


Are we going to be famous?

Probably not! Whilst we are there however, you will be pretty high profile guests in Las Vegas. There is a great deal of interest from the local and National TV news crews, Press and Radio, plus a Los Angeles based international TV company is muttering about following us around and filming us (but very shy on just how much jingle they will donate), so you must be prepared to appear on US and international Television and radio as "the band".


Do I need a work permit?

No. You are taking a holiday in the USA, not working in the USA so there is no requirement for a work visa, however you must get an ESTA for entry into the USA (as everyone does). It is a straight forward online application that will cost you $14 and lasts for 2 years.

Please read the notes on the US Government website to ensure that you are eligible for an ESTA before you book.


***NOTE 1***

We can assist you with flight bookings (for example: if we all book as a group, we may be able to get some discount) but sadly, this can not be part of what our company offers as a service. The flight bookings will be in your name only, and you will pay directly to the airline - not to us.


***NOTE 2***

We are, and will continue to do fundraising "en-masse" to build up a subsidy fund to make your essential costs reduced by a little bit. This is primariliy aimed at covering the costs associated with the tour, such as some meals, drinks, travel, transport, tour shirts, hangover cures etc.

We may make an offer of a subsidy to you shortly before the departure date or even at the tour - however, this is not guaranteed so the charge publicised for this tour is the MAXIMUM that you will pay. If you wish to donate the subsidy to the charity in your own name, this can also be arranged.