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Quite simply, we are offering a band, or a group of individual musicians, the opportunity to travel to Germany, have some fun, make new friends and generally share their love of music to a wider audience.


The German tour is designed for a UK band, or group of musicians, to come together in beautiful Hessen, Germany and have fun making music for the local population, and visit Germanys largest brewery, and the Eder dam (the dambusters target) all over a long weekend (Friday to Monday) or a week long trip (Saturday to Saturday).


Not only that, the band will be raising money for a deserving local childrens charity by playing in public returning the fundraising that the German band visiting the UK will be raising for Josies Dragonfly trust when they come to the UK.





What about bringing my non-playing wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/secretary?

  • Not a problem. We can organise Single, double or twin bedded rooms. The price quoted on the main page is PER PERSON so you know what the cost is upfront. The only extra may come from family rooms which have to be requested on an "as needed" basis.


What about Flights / transport?

  • You will organise and pay for your own flights. However, in order for the band to take the cheapest flights (with just hand luggage) we can offer a collection and delivery service for instruments and luggage from the UK to Germany and return. This is charged at cost price.
  • You can always drive yourselves to Hessen. From Calais / Dunkirk the drive is approximately 6.5 hours and from Hook of Holland approximately 4.5 hours.
  • For groups of 12 or less, we can offer a minibus service from the UK to Germany and back along with the instruments and luggage. Again, just ask and we will put a package together that suits you.


What about the Hotel?

  • The price for a hotel and breakfast each morning is included in the price of the tour. On booking please let us know if you wish to have a single, double or twin room (and who you would like to share that room with).


What about the tours?

  • The price for the tours, and transport to and from the Brewery and Eder dam are included in the tour price.


But I play the Eb Bass. It's too BIG for carry on, and I will probably need some clothes!

  • Yes, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring clothes, I am yet to meet a tuba player I want to see naked. Same goes for drummers...although there was that girl drummer in the North East...however, I digress.
  • We offer the delivery service to avoid larger instrument players and drummers arriving naked. Of course, your band can arrange a van to bring your own equipment over if you wish.

But for the love of god, please bring clothes!


So your company is making money from this then?

  • Sadly not for the first 18 months! We are doing this solely for fun and the publicity, and of course the benefit of our chosen charities in all 3 destinations (where any leftover cash, sponsorship and donations collected whilst playing will be going).


But what do you get out of it then?

  • Mainly in our first 18 months we get plenty of advertising locally and nationally and, last but definitely not least, we hope that some of you like the experience (and us) so much that you will book one of our other tours or experiences in the future (including with our partners at Even if you don't book, we hope that you will write a review that we can publish to show just how much fun it was!
  • In addition to this, helping local charities where we operate doesn't hurt our reputation and improves our standing within the local communities.


Are we going to be famous?

  • Probably not! However, you will be pretty high profile guests in Germany. There is interest from the local and National TV news crews, Press and Radio. Expect to be asked several questions about Brexit!


Do I need a work permit?

  • No. The UK is still in the EU at the time of the tour and there is no need for any permits or visa to come and enjoy the tour (so long as you hold a UK or European passport). Even after the UK parts from the EU, at the time of writing it looks like there will be free movement of people from the UK into Europe and vice-versa. Anyway, you are not working in Germany, you are having a holiday so it really doesn't matter!


***NOTE 1***

  • Ryanair and Easyjet flights come into Dortmund (which is the most convenient and cheapest airport for Hessen). Be aware that Frankfurt Hahn Airport is as far away from Frankfurt as East Midlands is to London!


***NOTE 2***

  • We are able to arrange a transfer from Dortmund to Hessen and return by minibus or coach for cost price if you do not wish to arrange your own hire vehicle from the airport. If the person responsible for booking the group contacts us, we will help in any way that we can.