Our terms and conditions


Booking conditions

Las Vegas bookings may only be made by an adult over 21 years of age. Guests of the booker may be of any age, but at least one person per hotel room must be over 21 years of age.

UK & Germany bookings can be made by 18 years and over. Guests can be any age.


Las Vegas players must be over 21 in order not to restrict the venues we may play at whilst in Las Vegas. The minumum age for entry into a casino or bar is 21. The legal age for drinking alcohol is also 21 and not 18 as it is in the UK.

UK & Germany players will need to be the minimum age for drinking beer in each country. The legal age for drinking in the UK is 18 years and over, and in Germany it is 16 years.



Payment may be made in full at the time of booking, or a deposit made and we will contact you to arrange payments over time. The deposit for Las Vegas is £200 per player or guest, and for Germany and the UK tours, the deposit is as stated on the price sheet.

Payments made over a period of time can be arranged and there are no additional charges, fees or interest added.

When paying monthly, the remaining balance will be divided by your chosen number of months, but the final payment must be made on or before the last working day of the month preceeding the tour.

For example, book two tickets for Las Vegas in October 2017 and pay the £200 per person deposit. Monthly payments will be due on the last day of each month from 31st November 2017 to the 30th November 2018 (13 months @ £62 per month per person).


PLEASE NOTE! It is possible (but not guaranteed) that some of the charge (for players only) may be subsidised. This means that the MAXIMUM charge for players is stated. Sadly, there can be no subsidies for guests.



Can we have the fundraising payments credited directly to "The Band Tour" bank account?

No. If you are fundraising, then you will need to collect the funds raised yourself. We will assist where we can but your fundraising must be seperated from our company.

A link to our website from your fundraising is allowed with prior agreement, but we cannot take any responsibility for your fundraising.



We are in the process of trying to arrange subsidised Hotel accommodation in Las Vegas for the duration of the tour. The subisidy will cover the player only, and any guests must pay their own part of the hotel charges.

ALL hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have resort fees that are payable directly to the hotel by you and are not included in the subsidy (unless stated). The resort fee is currently around £17 per room (not per person) per night.



Transfers to and from the hotel in Las Vegas are included when you book with us.

More in-depth information about the transfers and other aspects will be provided after booking.



For those bringing their own instruments, please make sure that they are insured. We can take no responsibility for loss or damage to instruments unless it is due to our negligence.

If you are provided with a rented / loaned instrument in Las Vegas (Euphonium & Bass), you will be responsible for taking care of these instruments as if they were your own.



In Las Vegas, some additional tours are run by licenced, professional, highly rated and respected local companies and not by us.

We are responsible for providing the show tickets.



Especially for Celebrity gigs, you may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement which states that you will not disclose any sensitive information (ie. the home address) of any celebrity or private individual. This includes, but is not limited to, posts to social media and photographs.



We are raising funds before travel in order to help subsidise your costs for making the trip, and for essentials whilst out there.

Where our fundraising exceeds the expenses, all surplus will be donated to the charity in Las Vegas.

For the events planned in Las Vegas, both pre-booked and ad-hoc, all money collected from bookings and street collections is to be donated to charity.



We will take you to at least one headline show whilst in Las Vegas, and as these change often no guarantee can be made that you will see a specific act. Detailled information will be given approximately four to six weeks prior to departure.



You must be prepared to have your image, and performances broadcast on Television and Radio, and images taken by the press used in publications both in the USA and globally. A release form for the entire group will be given to any press or crews that request one.



For tours to the United States, you will need to get an ESTA / Visa waiver (CLICK HERE) before travel in order to enter the USA. These last for two years and are obtainable online. If you have one already check the expiry date, and remember that if you have replaced or renewed your passport since it was issued you WILL need to get a new one.

YOU DO NOT NEED a work permit. This means that any offer of a payment or fee for any private event, interview or similar may not be accepted - however a donation to the charity is acceptable.